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Who Am I?

This post probably won’t be super interesting if you’re a close friend of mine, but who knows, maybe you’ll learn something. This is primarily for someone who is reading this wondering who the heck Marcel Laferriere is. First of all, if you missed it getting here, there is a short “About Me” excerpt on my website where I outlined some basic things about me. Although I may repeat myself a bit, I’m going to go a bit more in depth here.

Well, I grew up with my parents in Mitchell, Manitoba about 45 minutes outside of Winnipeg.

I have one sibling, an older sister named Emma who has always been a role model for me and someone I will always look up to. I moved to Winnipeg on my own in 2016 for university because the commuting life was not the life for me. As I’m writing this in February 2018, I am in my last term at the University of Manitoba upon completion of my Bachelor of Arts degree with an English Major. I like school and I like learning, especially regarding writing, hence the English Major.

I write outside of school a decent amount, but, I want to increase how much I write in 2018.

I write for Travel Manitoba in the HuntFishMB department surrounding my fishing experiences. Which, I suppose introduces my favourite hobby: fishing. I’m active in the Manitoba and Central Canada fishing industry writing, filming, and well, fishing too. Truth be told, anything outdoors excites me; hiking, camping, canoeing, traveling, you name it. All of my fondest memories start with close friends and the outdoors.

Anyways, my interest in videography and filmmaking has been a growing addiction for the last few years and has shown no sign of slowing down. I am yet to find a type of filmmaking that I don’t enjoy and I’m not sure if I ever will. However, Wedding filmmaking is a field that I have grown to really enjoy. Shooting weddings have been some of my favourite shooting experiences. Videography has given me an artistic way to express myself in such a way that I never knew I could at all.

Hopefully, without rambling too much that gave you a decent idea of who I am and what I’m about. If you have any questions that relate to me or what I do, feel free to ask.


Marcel Laferriere


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